You Users Periscope? Go 4 Features Latest Periscope Here It Periscope features

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You Users Periscope? Go 4 Features Latest Periscope Here It Periscope features  | As one part of Twitter’s app, now Periscope has become popular not only among netizens, but also in the group of journalists, musicians, athletes and society in general. Well because pengguannya growing every year, then #Twitter as live broadcast application owners decided to continue to improve.

Since acquired Twitter dated May 12, 2015 with a value of US $ 86.6 million (approximately USD 1.2 trillion), Periscope did show significant growth trend. Therefore to serve and satisfy users then Periscope on Wednesday (May 11th 2016) launched several new features.

The latest features consisting of tagar #save, automatic broadcast storage, new engines, and integration with DJI’s own drones intended for users of iOS and Android devices. So how did the latest features of this Periscope? Here’s his review.
1. #Save (iOS and Android)

The newest feature is the first of Periscope #Save. What it #Save? #Save Adaah features that will make a broadcast capable witnessed by other users in the media promosi dan iklan Periscope and Twitter, even after 24 hours have elapsed. How to use? It’s easy, just type in the title of the video tagar #save then this feature will immediately work. For availability of this feature will present itself gradually diperangkat iOS and Android.

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2. Press Automatic Storage (iOS and Android)

Next, the latest features of Periscope is automatically broadcast storage. In the next few weeks, be it on Twitter or later every broadcast Periscope Periscope will be permanently stored automatically.

This is the function of the latest features. media promosi bisnis dan seo bandung Although saved automatically, if desired, at akhrinya users will still be given the option to remove the broadcast automatically after 24 hours. To change the option or choice itself Periscope users can make settings in the Account Settings.

3. The “Search” New (iOS and Android)

Furthermore, the latest features of the app Periscope is the “search” new. When the feature “search” by touching the button it will appear the list of trending topics and popular as #Food, #Travel, #Music and #FirstScope as topics were created to welcome the new broadcaster.

The “search” the latest itself can be accessed through the media bisnis umkm dan peluang usaha Global User List, and lets users search ongoing broadcast or rebroadcast by topic or title of the broadcast. to add a relevant hashtag, or add the hashtag to broadcast directly the title in the search topic Broadcast users can simply press a button.
4. Integration With DJI Drone (iOS)

Lastly, the latest features of Periscope is the integration with the DJI drones. With this feature alone will users can more easily find the broadcast (either live or replay) conducted by GoPro and #Drone. It is indeed possible for this feature to continue the integration that has been done with the GoPro HERO line with active broadcast functions in DJI Drone. With this feature the user is also possible to do a live broadcast via DJI drones.

Drone who has a bird’s eye view of this, the person will be able to do the narration and the use of new Sketch feature. This activity itself can then proceed to highlight a different scene during the duration of the broadcast. To do this, one need only connect the iPhone has with remote control of the drone.

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Here are some of the latest functions and features of Periscope. Of course this feature will Periscope more ciamik and qualified. Periscope with this it will be one part of the world techno and online networks are more exciting.

Periscope application developed by two people, the Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein itself will be expected to further shine to the presence of the four latest features. Live streaming application itself made its debut on the App Store application store in March 2015 and passed a month later in April 2015 to the Android platform.

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