Wood Window Blinds – Tips on How to Blend Well With Modern Interior Home Designs Part 2

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By Yoshiko Choy |   Submitted On January 08, 2010

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Here, in part 2 of this series, we will be sharing tips from the perspective of wood window blinds functionality.


Customizing your wood window blinds has great benefits. You could choose your desired color and design, style in the form of either shutters or standing shades, as well as materials, either real or faux wood. You can even opt for insulation blinds for better heat management. You also have a choice of using multiple mini blinds or one large pane across the entire window. With customized blinds, you can manage your sun control, light filtration as well as insulation much better.


Many people install blinds to maintain their privacy. For those looking to prepping up the office presentation room or your very own home theatre, the wooden slats are capable of blacking out all sunlight from your exterior when the blinds are totally closed. For more sunlight to stream into the room, you can partially open the slats upwards to deflect the rays to the ceiling to avoid glare.


Depending on the type of wood materials used, real or faux wood, the maintenance process is slightly different. For faux wood which are made for easy maintenance, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the frame and slats or use a dust buster if you clean daily. They are hardy in nature and last longer in more humid environment, so you can safely use them in your kitchen, bathrooms and even sauna rooms.


The new age designs and colors of wood window blinds is capable of giving you a renewed sense of ambiance in your space. In fact, if you choose to mix and match the various types of wood materials within your home, namely basswood, bamboo, oak, teak and faux wood, you would be creating a very uniquely personalized home. Wood and wood composite materials never fail as a good investment for the home.

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