Hot Spring Ciater Bandung- Subang

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Hot Spring Ciater Bandung | Ciater famous hot spring tour warm and refreshing. A moment forget the routine of work and soak in hot tubs with views of the beautiful gardens in Ciater indeed be a panacea relieving tired.
hot water bath Ciater

With an area of ​​30 hectares, a hot water bath Ciater belongs to the largest tourist areas in West Java. With the increasing popularity of the hot water bath Ciater this, the manager seeks to continue to provide the best service. Therefore, the thermal baths are located on the border of Bandung Subang and has become one of the favorite places of tourists to spend the weekend with family.

Hot spring location Ciater

Often people refer to a hot spring pool Ciater located in Bandung. In fact, the administrative, the hot spring is located in the district Ciater, Subang regency, travelers. Perhaps because it was very close to Bandung, make a lot of tourists who thought the tourist attractions are located in the town of Flower.

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Located exactly on the border between Bandung and Subang, making the area a hot water bath Ciater easy to reach, travelers. You can travel by private vehicle or by public transport.

With a distance of 32 kilometers from the city of Bandung, into hot water baths Ciater only takes 40 minutes, travelers. And if you’re in Lembang, it only takes 20 minutes to get there.

Along the way to the hot spring Ciater, travelers will be presented with a very beautiful natural scenery. tiket-pesawat-untuk-hari-ini/ Green tea gardens neatly into therapy to refresh the eyes, cold air in the region Cieter makes travelers want to immediately plunged into a pool of hot water.
hot tubs Ciater

Hot spring facilities Ciater

Hot springs bath Ciater is derived from Mount Maras, with temperatures between 43-45 degrees Celsius. Besides helping to relax and refresh the body, Ciater hot water is also efficacious for treating various skin diseases, neurological disorders, and even help the healing process of paralysis due to high blood pressure or stroke, travelers.

To get into the hot spring area Ciater, you will be charged a fee of Rp 10,000 to Rp 80,000 per person. The price depends on the type of pool and the many facilities in the get.

Treat the beautiful scenery, as well as cold air around the baths, be a plus for this Ciater hot water bath. No wonder this bath is always crowded of tourists visit the local and foreign tourists. tiket-pesawat-lion-air/  Interestingly, hot water bath Ciater also offers various facilities are like outbound, fishing pond, sports arenas and others.

Once satisfied soaking in hot tubs Ciater, certainly you experience here will be more memorable when you taste a variety of culinary delicacies with the flagship rabbit satay. There are also pieces of pineapple which is an icon of the city of Subang. Fresh fruit is yellow this can serve as a souvenir for the family at home after your visit to the hot springs Ciater this, travelers.

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